Past Workshops

Examples of Past Workshops I Have Offered

Reiki I, II and III group Attunements, workshops and sessions in California, New Jersey, New York and Washington.

Cornell University Workshops and Seminars:

Industrial Labor Relations Retreat, Villa Roma, Callicoon, NY: Meditation/Relaxation Stress Management Seminar – 3½ hours

Wellness Seminar: Therapies for Depression: Pharmacological, Talk, and Alternative Therapies – 3 hours

Information Technology Systems: Learning to Meditate and Release Stress - three Meditation Courses of five 1½ hour sessions each, and two Stress Management workshops – 1½ hours each

Library Services Wellbeing Month: Meditation/Stress Management and Taking Care of Ourselves - two 3-hour sessions

Asian and Asian American Forum: Spring Into Relaxation – three ½-hour meditation sessions

Orientation Freshman Class: Stress Management seminar – 2 hours

Facilities and Finance: Learning to Meditate Course – five 1½-hour sessions

Wellness Program: ongoing meditation, creating wellness and creative visualization courses for Cornell faculty, staff and students. Each course: 1 ½ hours/week for 4 weeks.

Wellness Informational Series: Complementary and Alternative Modalities and How to Locate a Competent Practitioner – 1 hour

Johnson Graduate School of Management: Meditation to Relieve Stress – 1 hr

Dorms/Fraternities/Sororities: Stress Reduction – 1-2 hour workshops

Cornell Adult University Week-long Courses:

Vegging Out: Demystifying Vegetarian and Vegan Eating

Creating Wellness: the Mind and Body Connection

Global Philosophies of Wellness and Healing: East meets West

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology: Creating Our Wellbeing

Cayuga Medical Center of Ithaca, NY:

Women’s Heart Advantage Forum: How to Release Stress for Heart Health – 1 hour

Psychiatric Unit for Mental Health Staff: How to De-stress Yourself and Your Patients - 1 ½ hours

Lifelong, Ithaca, NY: Positive Psychology: Examing our self-talk and attitudes for longevity and happiness – 3 hours

Creative Catering, Seattle, WA: Reducing stress and going within to increase creativity – 2 days

Guthrie Clinic Physician Group, Ithaca, NY: Meditate and De-stress – 2 hours

Prostate Cancer Support Group: Concepts of Illness and Wellness – 2 hours

Louis Gossett Adolescent Residential Facility, Lansing, NY: Training Day for Educators: Stress Management and Meditation Seminar - 8 hours. Ongoing meditation and yoga instruction to residents and staff

Paleontological Research Institute, Ithaca, NY: Stress Management and Meditation Course – 1 ½ hour/week for 5 weeks

Alternatives Federal Credit Union, Ithaca, NY: How to Manage Stress as Small Business Owners – 1 hour

Food Bank of the Southern Tier, Elmira, NY: Taking Care of Ourselves at Work and Home – 8 hours

Catholic Charities of the Southern Tier Staff Retreat Day, Corning NY:

Relaxation and stress management – 3 hour workshop
Gateways Staff Retreat Day: Taking Care of Ourselves: reconnecting with our spirit and bringing more love, peace and joy into our lives and our workplace – 6 hours

Nature’s Song Retreat, Danby, NY: A Women’s Spirituality Workshop: Taking Care of Our Mind, Body and Spirit - 7 hours

Gentle Earth Raw Food Retreat Spa, Lansing, NY: Learn to Meditate – two 1 hour meditation sessions

Transitions Counseling for Healthy Living EAP Program:

Corning School District, Corning, NY: Key note speaker for 400 educational staff and presenter for two 1-hour stress management sessions
Corning School District, East High School, Corning, NY: How to Manage Stress and Take Better Care Of Ourselves – 1 hour
Painted Post School District, Painted Post, NY: How to Manage Stress – a series of four 1-hour workshops on managing stress: individually; at work; at home; and how aspects of your environment affect your ability to cope with stress.

Ithaca College, NY:

Integrative Health Studies, visiting Adjunct instructor: Meditation and Reiki - each semester two 1 ¼ hour classes
Care-giver Program: Stressful Emotions for Care-givers – 3 hours

Cortland State University College at Cortland: Meditation and Relaxation - Meditation course for summer session – 1 ½ hours for 5 sessions

Ithaca City School District Superintendent’s Conference Day: Health, Safety, and Wellness – two 1 hour sessions

AIM Independent Living Centers, Corning, NY: Maintaining Health and Peace In Our Lives – 3-hour meditation workshop

Women’s Opportunity Center, Ithaca, NY: De-stressing and Taking Better Care of Ourselves – 2-hour sessions each year

Tompkins County Senior Citizen Council, Ithaca, NY - two Meditation Courses of 1 ½ hours/week for 5 weeks

GreenStar Coop, Ithaca, NY – each 1¼ hour class

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