Wellness Workshops

Explore releasing stress and taking better care of yourself while enjoying the process!

Joy and pleasure increase our healthy immune function.

Five minutes of belly laughing can yield two hours of pain relief.

Worry and stress can affect our bodies in profoundly negative ways.

What we eat affects our bodies, minds and emotional states.

Through well documented research in recent years, we are beginning to understand the mind and body connection in more depth.

By learning to create balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives, we can increase the benefits of wellness and wellbeing.

Creating Wellness Workshops

Individualized Wellness and Wellbeing Workshops are created for clients in accordance with their needs and interests.

Through lecture, discussion, and experience the course participants will learn:

  • Recent scientific research about how our thoughts and emotions directly and deeply affect body chemistry and function
  • A variety of ways to release stress and to enhance deep relaxation and wellbeing
  • Deep yogic breathing and stretching
  • Meditation for prevention and healing
  • Philosophies of Eastern and Western medical concepts of wellness versus illness
  • The latest research on how different nutrition affects us physically, mentally and emotionally
  • The relationship of energy to our health and wellbeing
  • Complementary and Alternative Modalities and how to find a competent practitioner

Fees for Wellness Workshops may be found under Payment & Pricing.

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