There is one simple thing you can do for a few minutes every day
that can relieve stress and profoundly improve the quality of your life.


The Benefits of Meditating

Calming the body and quieting the mind for a few minutes in the state of meditation every day have been shown by recent scientific research to have positive effects on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Meditation has been shown to:

  • Lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
  • Improve immune system efficiency
  • Decrease headaches and other pain
  • Decrease anxiety and relieve insomnia
  • Improve memory and ability to concentrate
  • Decrease negative judgments of self and others
  • Increase states of relaxation and happiness

Research has also demonstrated that first time meditators have received these amazing benefits after only six weeks of daily practice!

Creating a Meditation Practice

A one-pointed meditation practice may be defined as sitting regularly in the state of meditation once or twice a day for 15 or 20 minutes.

Although we can learn to meditate on our own, many people find that personal guidance enhances their ability to relax deeply and detach from the mind’s chatter. As a certified meditation instructor, and a meditator since 1984, I offer this guidance in individual sessions or for groups.

Course Participants Will Learn

  • The history of meditation
  • What meditation is and how it works
  • Sitting one-pointed meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation deep relaxation exercises
  • How to detach from the chatter of the mind and improve concentration
  • Various meditation techniques, postures and breath-work
  • How to establish a daily meditation practice with attention to individual circumstances

Some Comments From Past Participants

My migraines have disappeared since I’ve been meditating.

I have more patience with my kids now.

My co-workers wanted to know what I was doing that caused me to be so much calmer and more relaxed.

Excellent class, really enjoyed it. Good combination of discussion, teaching and practice.

This was my first time doing a meditation class and it was great - I have learned a lot.

Definitely worth it and enjoyable – the instructor was very knowledgeable and we laughed a lot!

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Diane Hecht has been teaching meditation and relaxation since 1990 to various populations including college students, older adults, children and incarcerated adolescent males. Her thesis for her Master of Arts Degree in Integrated Wellness was “The Benefits of the Practice of Meditation for Health and Wellness”.

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